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The Ticket Inspectors : Kozzie, Helen Webster, Steve Treatment, Bongo ChrisThe Ticket Inspectors : Kozzie, Helen Webster, Steve Treatment, Bongo Chris

Steve's band from 1989 until 1994. The Ticket Inspectors had a slightly gentler sound with bongos and flutes giving them a sixties psychedelic feel. They released a couple of limited edition home made cassettes with a mixture of studio and live recordings. There were many different versions with alternative photocopied covers available, some were 'padded out' with Steve's previous recordings!  Many of the best tracks are on the Hyped 2 Death CD and the studio recordings are available to download from Topplers records. 
The band's live highlight was playing the "Golden Moon Cafe" at the Glastonbury festival of 1993. They only played 6 gigs in total!

The first line up of The Ticket Inspectors was Steve Treatment - Vocal and Guitar, Bongo Chris - percussion, Helen Webster - flute, Kozzie - Bass. This line up was responsible for the studio recordings.

The second line up of the band featured Steve Treatment - Vocal and Guitar, Kozzie - Bass, Robert McVean - Guitar, Hogweed - Drums, Pedro - Flute and Suzie Currell - Fiddle.
This is the line up of the band that went out gigging.